The Mulcahys To Be
The Mulcahys To Be
Jordan Springfield & Michael Mulcahy



We met June 25, 2017…

Our mutual friend, Michelle, mentioned Michael being a long time family friend of hers and went on about how wonderful he was. I mentioned wanting to meet him and she said she would set it up. Come to find out, Michael’s mom had heard Michelle’s mom and Michelle continue to speak so highly of me and suggested that we meet as well. Michelle promptly followed through and set up a lunch date with Me, Michael, Megan (his sister), Michelle, and her husband. From the start, Michael and I hit it off and continued to talk. Our first date on July 3rd lasted 11 hours…solid start. Our day consisted of lunch at Local Foods, kayaking on the bayou, throwing the baseball at Spotts park (see proposal section), Sonic drinks, playing volleyball with my close friends, and topping the night with a Honey Chicken Biscuit run to Whataburger. The next day, we had a 4th of July get together and then I was off to Atlanta for work for a week. Michael offered to pick me up from the airport and asked me to be his girlfriend 2 days later…


Continuing to date, grow to know each other better, and journeying through a difficult season of life, I knew without a doubt that Michael was a man I could depend on to lead us in Christ and be the one I always wanted to have by my side. We fell in love (him MUCH sooner than me) and October 19, 2018, Michael asked me to be his wife!




 How he asked…

My best friend, Aineta, was in town and we had plans to get dinner (at an undetermined restaurant) with her and her boyfriend. Prior to dinner, Aineta said we needed to get our nails done for a wedding she was in the following weekend because she would not have time that week (aka my nails were wrecked and not in any condition for a proposal photo opp). After our nails were done, Aineta drove me to what I thought was going to be the restaurant but ended up being Spotts Park (one of the many stops to Michael and I’s first date). Waiting at the top of the hill were my 2 roommates, Emmory and Megan, holding a Bible for me. Michael had written a letter to me on the front page which I would soon find out was essentially the speech he had prepared that we would both forget as soon as the rush was over. He later told me that this Bible would be our family Bible that we would emboss our children’s names on in the future. I couldn’t get through reading the letter because I physically couldn’t see the words through my tears. Aineta, Emmory, and Megan led me down the LONG winding path and prayed with me at the end to send me on my way. Michael had strung up multiple trees with Christmas lights (my favorite holiday) and lined the sidewalk with lights and pictures of us. Poor Michael had been waiting an hour longer than he should have on a humid Houston night (courtesy of the unplanned nail appointment). Both Michael and I were crying once we saw each other and he led me through all of our pictures. He proceeded to drop to his knee and I couldn’t stop smiling and crying tears of joy as Michael asked me to marry him!




Michael had a party of our closest friends and family waiting for us at Rainbow Lodge to celebrate!